Yup! It happened, we're friends.

Yeah yeah, I'm a professional but honestly, in order for us to really make this happen, we need to get to know each other. On paper I married my childhood sweetheart, have three kids, and well, live in my Hometown (KP Pride forever). I listen to music really loud, will drive a mini-van until I die and I never met a crystal shop I didn't like. My passion is truly freezing time for you, your family, or on the days that matter the most.

I'd describe my shooting style as gentle, and timeless. Life has enough hard edges, I want to showcase the soul of who's in front of me. I find a lot of beauty within the time between the poses, and while I want to get you that portrait that can and will be framed forever, your gallery will be lush with the emotion of where you are at, right now.

It is so important to me for us to connect in order for me to fully capture you, your event or your family. I look forward to hearing from you

Portraits of me:

'About' by Doe Eyed Photography

'Contact' by Cakewalk Photography