In the Spirit of Happy New Year...

Let's talk talk about a new service. Introducing: The Details Suite.

Details are so important

...And they take time to photograph. This is where The Details Suite comes in. Here's how it works:

-6-8 Weeks before your wedding I will come around to collect the details (in person). The invitation, the carefully curated little things you have put together, the jewelry, accessories, and more (it's custom to you, you know).

-I hold onto these details for about a week, I do the flat-lay that I would typically start with on your wedding day.

-I return your details (in person) and then I see them and you again on your Wedding Day

You may be curious about a few things. Like why is this service even necessary? Do I still cover details on your wedding day? Let's cover the later question first.

Yes, I do still cover your details, with your dress and veil and all of that. But because the flat-lay is already finished, I get to use your venue as the backdrop to create a more organic addition to your details gallery. Plus, it gives me more time to cover getting ready. It just adds to your gallery tenfold.

Why is this service necessary? Well to repeat a previous point, it adds more time to me being in there for your Wedding Day and I get to be more creative with your details in the moment. Also, a lot of time one partner is already wearing some of their details when we arrive and this allows some extra coverage of those special accessories.

This a-la carte service is available starting with my 2024 contracts and I customize for my couples that are not local (just ask me how) - I am so enthusiastic that this service will add and create so much character to your galleries.

This service can be added to any standing contract and will be presented with any new inquiries going forward. I am actively booking 2024 and 2025 - let's connect about your photography!